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1938 November Established Hirose Seizaburo Shoten Co., Ltd., and started the sheet-pile leasing business
*Sumitomo Bank, Itachibori Branch, where our office was placed
1959 February Started Nikkenstar steel soil-retaining materials
1964 January Changed the company name to Hirose Steel Industrial Co., Ltd.
1965 April Started handling road decks
1969 October Started the Silent Master Method
1971 March Implemented the Nikkenstar NT panel system (started handling temporary bridge materials)
1974 June Entered into technical cooperation for the Terre Armée Method
*Terre Armée
1976 October Entered into technical cooperation with Krupp (Germany) and Started the KD-Bridge Method
1979 October Entered into technical cooperation with Fondedile (Italy) and Started the Root Pile Method
1980 September Started the SMW Method
1983 April Opened the Singapore Liaison Office (later the Singapore Office)
1986 March Started HS Truss
1988 April Started the DAGSIM Method and Pre-girder Method
  September Opened Hirose (Thailand) Ltd. Established
  November Changed the company name to HIROSE & CO., Ltd.
1989 December Opened Caddec Co., Ltd. Established
1992 July Entered into technical cooperation with Terre Armée (France) and Started the TechSpan Method
1996 October Transferred management of the Singapore Office and Singapore Plant to Hirose (Asia) Pte. Ltd.
1998 March Acquired permission from the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry to use the Terre Armée Method on retaining wall structures when developing building lots
1999 October Started the Sandwich Method
2000 April Started the ConSpan Method
2004 January Started the NSS Block Method
  October Developed the Hydogen Method
2005 October Started the Super Terre Armée Method
2006 December Started the G pilled jetty
2007 August Received transfer of the Star Deck and Started it.
2008 March Opened the Vietnam Liaison Office
2009 January Changed the company name to Hirose (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  November Developed the Terra Trail EG6.
Shinei Co., Ltd., became a subsidiary
2010 April Formed a business alliance with Marubeni Construction Material Lease Co., Ltd.
  August Started selling Hirose Hyper Wall(HHW®
2011 January Established a subsidiary in Vietnam (later HIROSE VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED)
2012 April Established HIROSE (ASIA) PTE. LTD. as headquarters of the Southeast Asian area
  September Made SeikoTone Co., Ltd., a subsidiary
  November Established Hirose (VIETNAM) HANOI Company Ltd.
2013 March Started products made of fiber-reinforced plastics
a floor slab, and inspection passage for temporary bridges
Started the GS Reinforced soil system
2014 April Started the Free Span Form to the Kanto and Chugoku areas
  June Tied up with Taiyo Co.,Ltd.
  October SeikoTone Co., Ltd., merged with Shinei Co., Ltd.
Started the Hirose Mega Beam
  November Started the GS block
2015 January Expanded the Free Span Form lease area to Hokkaido and Tohoku
  June Started Hyper Wall plus (HHW+)
  November Started the lightweight Free Span Form
2016 March Expanded the Free Span Form lease area to Tokai, Hokuriku, and Okinawa
  April Started TaiyoHirose Co., Ltd.
2017 February Made Nippon No-Dig Technology LTD. a subsidiary.