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Free Span Form
(FSF/Steel Form for Slab) *In western Japan, this product is handled by Chugoku sales office of TaiyoHirose Co.,Ltd.

Free Span Form is an eco-friendly form for slab that can contribute to cost reduction by its outstanding energy-saving feature.

A high school adjacent to a university 1st floor to 4th floor 3800 m2


  1. Workability
    • No need for processing slab with slide function
    • Simplified planning from modules
    • Easy working method that can be learned in a short period
    • Completed shape can be checked by dismantlement and form removal
  2. Eco-friendliness and Safety
    • Safety is ensured by fitting calculation at each site
    • Noise generated during form removal and dismantlement is substantially reduced.
    • Reduction of waste material.
    • 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) system
  3. Economic efficiency
    • Up to 66% of support material and equipment can be reduced.
    • Zero joist steel pipe
    • Reduction of labor by improved man hours
    • Space is saved by reducing temporary materials
    • Substantial cost reduction achieved by leasing and diversion
    • Reduction of material yard cost

Example of Construction Work and Facility

FSF installation
Concrete casting
FSF dismantlement
Completed state

Materials related to Free Span Form
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